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Here we collected websites where you can earn free Bitcoins. No scam schemes: just watch ads or play game, enter captcha and receive some coins. Please report if any service here is unavailable or is not fair. More resources coming soon!

By the way, you can earn here from 0.003 to 16 BTC daily. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC

# Name Period, min Min payout, Satoshi Max payout, Satoshi
1 Weekend Bitcoin 60 1000 5000
2 Bitcoin Space 60 1000 10000
3 Freebitcoin 60 699 69949636
4 Earth Faucet 60 512 4096
5 Your-Bitcoin 60 500 7000
6 Bitcoins World 720 400 400
7 The Faucet Farmer 60 500 5000
8 Destiny BTC 60 375 18750
9 Faucet Sasa BTC 60 25 100000
10 BitReg 30 100 2000
11 BTC Tree 60 300 1300
12 BitCentric 5 75 3800
13 Water Bitcoin 30 200 10000
14 BTC Blaster 5 75 3800
15 Play Bitcoin 10 300 1200
16 Leaky Faucet 60 512 4096
17 DZBTC Service 15 100 500
18 Frog BTC 60 300 1700
19 InFaucet 60 1000 5000
20 Get Free Bitcoin 90 1600 7500

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  1. Did someone try to earn on these faucets? Is it profitable and secure?

  2. izanagiarcana | August 17, 2015 at 5:14 am | Reply

    Looks legit to me 8)

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  4. If u want to double ur bit coins I’ll double them for free coz I got a bit coin miner just send what ever u want doubled to me cos #FuckTheSystem here’s my wallet code 1BDNtbLAnTXt7r4rd2T3xj8ChpPYsw1c8e

  5. Really cant tou do better then that I have used them all and it takes forever just to make a few cents. Major thumbs down good cat h on advertising free bitcoin, that ruined my night thanks! How bout send some to me that qould work thanks here is my wallet im sure you qill give me some ill hold my breath…..holding so hurry

    There thanks

  6. Use vpnghost for fausiting there are 5 servers so you can get 5X the satoshi rates starting as low as $4 cad a month to $25 for a lifetime, No logging, unmetered, dh4096 aes 265 bit Sha512 encryption, Payments via PP,BTC,LTC & over the tor networt t43nyu4ptwekzsku.onion

  7. you, know, talking in a few words, very hard for a simple guy to earn some money, when they are needed. collecting for every day living in the corrupted world becomes more harder. if some one could help with the advice how to earn some BTCs, fastly and could be awesome without cashing in or just donate a few amount in order I could make some with the help of DW services. 17nnecAZTBbuDdwiqb642TyR4dTQKfVDEm. an advice which services are just a scam and which are good will be also helpful

    • Earn free btc with man This is so simple HTH you didn’t use it before now

  8. you would be better putting £2 in the bank and draw it out in 30 years time

  9. hey can someone tell me how this works lol

    • yes …. this is how it works …you send bitcoins… and wait until you realize you been scammed… and lost all your bitcoins.

  10. yes man. until you do this all day long

  11. If somebody want a private bitcoin exchange to ANY currency feel free to mail me!

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  14. please donate poor but fun men in poland

  15. LOL @ thinking this crap works

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  17. hey you can use
    you can easily gain 0.01 BTC every hour from it, and it has no time limit, so the faster you solve the captchas, the more BTC you get.

  18. once you collect a bunch of BTC you can invest them by using and gain 0.1% on a hourly compounded interest, it’s a great way to earn lots of BTC, every 30 the amount you put in will double.

  19. Donate your bitcoins to a good guy 1Jrns8gXo1wfGB91uxYwGFdQ3PJpPh2LyY

  20. You want to get rich? Here’s how:

    1. Close your web browser
    2. Go to work
    3. Cash your paycheck

    It’s really that simple. You don’t get something for nothing.

    • Well it does work its not like its a virus so you might as well if you have the time as you cant lose anything.

    • good answer ………….there are so many people here which want to earn money without doing anything …………..

      i like your answer ………..

  21. if it will, there will be the biggest act of charity.

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  25. Hi, i’m new in this world :))
    so , I need some help , please send me any bitcoin, no metter how many . so please put 0.001 or less bitcoin in my EasyCoin wallet. please

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  26. how I can redeem the free bitcoin?

  27. | June 1, 2016 at 7:49 am | Reply

    With someone send me some Bitcoins just getting started anything would really help

  28. Please help me….i have a family with serious difficoulty economy…..
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    Please send me any amount of bitcoin? I’m still trying to figure everything out, so anything at all would be greatly appreciated!

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    Need BTC to pay for college.

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    • Give me some bitcoins. I really need. 1DHA8JPxS6FQsaESZgBwqYSRkfogMt7pqA

    • please donate some bitcoin it will be a great help
      i am a student, living in Pakistan. i just wanted to deposit my university fee

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  34. Faucets are decent but it takes waaaay to much time to make a proper income in my opinion. I simply bought BTC using my own money.

    I now invest said BTC into stocks. If you have a large amount of BTC I’d recommend doing the same as you can easily skip the taxes by doing that 😉

    Anyhow, if anyone is interested I do run a “fund” of sorts. Basically I accept BTC from others that I invest into stocks, minerals and such. Based on how much you send the percentage of the return alters obviously. My recommendations is 1BTC but obviously lower amounts are fine, my top investors usually go for 10-25 BTC per month. I do make a good profit myself but by also having others donate my investment can be larger which obviously generates a larger profit. Planning on doing a referral program once my site is finished as well for that exact reason.

    To be clear: This is none of that (Oh you get a instant 20% the next day” crap that people try to pull. I legitimately invest BTC into stocks and once they reach a good amount I sell them for profit and everyone gets their cut. So basically I am a stockbroker, which is my day-time job as well!

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  35. Give some bitcoin

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  39. if somebody wanna help me | February 6, 2017 at 2:55 pm | Reply

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    • please spend me a little pair of bitcoins.. my account was hacked and now i have nothing..

      i will give it back when my shop have reopening :)

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  49. Please send me some coin to get started. thank you

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    Please, send some BT for a start and food xD, thank you

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  67. Hi, i’m new in this world :)) , i’m from algeria
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